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Our exclusive oils are enclosed in a 10 or 20ml sterile vials. 

Our products are impeccable, top notch, always over-dosed, sterile, and quality controlled. We are the ONLY SUPPLIER world-wide to carry 20ml vials. 

          We offer our SUPER TEST 20ml vials as well, Iso we can comfortably fill 22ml instead of 20ml, a EXTRA 2ml for your pleasure.

          Were excited and proud to be one and the few invited into the IFBB bodybuilding community.

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We been told time after time, we’re faster than AMAZON PRIME! !

*Please note, we are excited and pleased to announce ALL our TESTOSTERONE PRODUCTS have absolutely NO PIP in it, no more soreness ,bumps, limping, hurting at all.

* We also are the ONLY supplier world-wide that can provide that service, we have handed out many samples to members at numerous of boards, especially MODERATORS AND STAFF PERSONAL TO FULLY back us up respectfully to ensure our products are the absolute best WITH NO PIP WHATSOEVER, we have referrals that will fully vouch for us as well.

             After a lot of research, testing, and a lot of time and effort and money we successfully MASTERED the technique, with access to a world famous well known laboratory, including using all the top of line equipment on hand, we mastered and came out with our potent:


SUPER TEST 400mgs 10 and 20ml vials

SUPER TEST 550mgs 10 and 20ml vials

Our Super Test products have FIVE (5) Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Active Substances.

             There is absolutely NO PIP, soreness, swelling, lumps at all, we have been tried and tested, we have received all positive feedback and was told, their strength and weight went up in record time, not triggering any fluid dynamic issues at all, seen 4 lbs go up in six days with ZERO PIP AT ALL.

                                            These products are the REAL-DEAL


EX: Pick any two products of your choice, than pick a third, its a MIX or MATCH DEAL.

*More products are in the mix, please stay posted, you will not be disappointed at all.

* Super Test 800mgs vials available in August.

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We use a SHA-2 and 2048-bit encryption – the strongest, most powerful privacy service on the internet. ASHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) is a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the United States National Security Agency (NSA). Absolutely no worries, your account information is fully secure and protected.

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- Our Professional Services Provide-

Commitment to Innovation


Our company understands the technology and medicine in the  Pharma industry  and we are consistently progressing. Our team of experienced professionals  stay current about the latest drug trends. We strive to be the best and our products speak for themselves.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

We maintain the highest levels of sterilization to all our products including  when it comes to  pharmaceutical, testing, Quality Control, manufacturing and transferring of products respectfully.

Top of the line quality and sterial products

We provide customers with top quality products including a professional sterile environment.

 We carry NO TABLETS, we strictly and professionally dedicate our services on OILS. Our BA content is a consistent (2) TWO percent or lower, there is absolutely no PIP, pain-free.  

Our exclusive oils include Miglyol 840 has a viscosity of 9-12 at 60ºF, cottonseed oil 33.5, grape seed oil 31.6 and peanut oil 39.6. Our goal is to continue to have consistent pain free oils, no PIP, it’s smooth sailing with our products. 

We use special blended oils including GSO, that do wonders and leave you painless. Our exclusive oils are made with pharma grade USP FILTERED cottonseed and other special organic ingredients.

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